Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Escape the Horror!

So, as you are probably aware by now I have been incredibly busy working nights, and now the kids are off school with their Easter holiday, so finding time to blog is near impossible *sigh*. Anyway, I managed to escape the kids for an hour or so yesterday as they had tea out at a friends, and put this 'look' together;  made up of items from the Escape event. The Escape Event is a new and exciting event with the theme of dark role-play, from those creative geniuses behind Horror Haute. The event started on April 1st, and ran til April 9th, I am so sorry if you missed this event, but they are hoping it will become a regular event and that it will continue to grow, so watch this space! Or join the Horror Haute group for more info. I have provided the main-store links in case there's anything you see that strikes your fancy :)


skin: corvus ~ zara skin,
eyes: dead apples ~ sinstre ~ bloodlust,
hair: clawtooth ~ hang it up ~ currently available at collabor88,
bloodied eyes: souzou eien ~ bellephrons gaze ~ Escape,
nails: the little bat ~ previous Grotesque Burlesque Hunt prize,
tattoo: elska ~ clusterfuck,

dress: punk'd ~ bled out dress ~ Escape,
shoes: reign ~ mary janes - worn with slink feet,
socks: suicide gurls ~ slink Elijah stockings,

necklace & earrings: souzou eien ~ thorned embrace ~ Escape,
ring (r): bad juju ~ goth bow ring ~ gacha at Escape,
ring (l): dead pool ~ deadly ring clown ~ gacha,

MiLLiE xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Zombie Haute

I apologise for the lateness of this post, I have had a super busy week with working nights and the kids are now off school for Easter, so finding SL time has been difficult to say the least :/ Anyways, this post is for the recent round of Horror Haute. As always, there were many darkly fun items available, but this mini-skirt from Czarny Kanarek was one of my favourites.

skin, eyes, nails: the little bat ~ zombie pinup girl ~ grotesque burlesque hunt prize,
hair: ploom ~ daydream,
tattoo (arms): elska ~ clusterfuck,
tattoo (thigh): elska ~ something in the wind,

top: sn@tch ~ Doubletap Jersey top,
skirt: Czarny Kanerek ~ Serial killer micro mini ~ Horror Haute,
sneakers: beseiged ~ freaky sneakers ~ cirque du freak hunt prize,

ring (L): deadpool ~ deadly ring// clown,
ring (R): scrub,
popsicle: witches & rats (old freebie),
glasses: toxic high ~ grotesque burlesque hunt gift,

poses (various): katink ~ chic, embody ~ lean, glitterburps ~ no regrets, pretense ~ kitty.

MiLLiE xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

I was a teenage vampire....

So I tried on this adorable dress from DRBC over the weekend, and immediately visions of High School, USA style, came to mind. This was probably due to the obscene amount of The Vampire Diaries I have been watching lately, lol. I accessorised the look with these gorgeous nerdy moth glasses from redrum, which are available at the MadPea Steampunk gatcha fair and not a lot else! lol

 and the obligatory close-ups:

skin: lumae ~ Evie ~ t2 ~ Cream//Airedine ~ recent release for A&A's 6th anniversary,
eyes: dead apples ~ sinstre ~ bloodlust,
hair: magika ~ road,
nails: a&a ~ red drippy nails,
tat (torso): elska ~ clusterfuck,
tat (thigh): elska ~ something in the wind,
teeth: pxl ~ open mouth,
bloody lips: redrum,

outfit: drbc ~ christine dress ~ dahlia ~ recent release for Suicide Dollz,
shoes: reign ~ maryjanes ~ worn with slink mid feet,

glasses: redrum ~ nerd glasses ~ wood moth ~ available at MadPea's Steampunk gatcha fair,
bracelets: scrub ~ point of view,
necklace: cute poison ~ poison.

MiLLiE xx