Monday, 18 April 2016

Say Hello to Lucille...

As a massive fan of The Walking Dead, you can imagine my delight when I saw Izzy Heart's latest release over at Builders Bargain's- the Lucille bat! I simply had to snag that bat for myself! Along with the bat, another of this week's 'must-haves' for me, was this cute lil Batman top from dirty stories, which is currently available at suicide dollz, along with these adorable cutie bow pumps, also from dirty stories at suicide dollz.

~the info~

skin: glam affair ~ katra ~ polar,
eyes: evermore ~ my dearest eyes (former group gift),
hair: besom ~ bellinia ~ group gift,
tattoos: {datum} tangled and; v tattoo ~ for her,

eyes: pin me down ~ crying,
lips: mock ~ opal lipcolour dark kiss,
bruise: snatch ~ underworld make-up,

top: dirty secrets ~ batman top (available at suicide dollz),
shorts: bubble ~ queen shorts,
tights: cannibelle ~ tattered tights,
shoes: dirty secrets ~ cutie bow pumps (available at suicide dollz),

nose- ring: dirty secrets (group gift),
bracelets: pr!tty ~ walking in manhatten,
bat: izzy <3 mesh ~ Lucille Bat (available at Builder's Bargain's).

poses: elephante poses ~ beautiful hangover.

MiLLiE xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Long time, no see!

Hi loyal readers, sorry for my long absence. I'm so busy in RL with my young baby, I'm back at work now too, so I don't have a lot of time for SL right now, but I *do* miss SL, and you my friends. So I logged in today, and decided I would blog whatever I was wearing, lol. Luckily it was something cute :)

*the info*

skin: glam affair ~ Katra ~ Polar,
eyes: evermore ~ My dearest eyes,
hair: Besom ~ Angel,
tattoo: {DATUM} Tangled,

outfit: Goth1c0 ~ normal is boring skirt & top,
tights: cannibelle ~ tattered tights,
boots: ~ samantha booties,

dirty stories,
nose ring: pekka,
ring: zombie suicide ~ crow ring.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

For sh*ts 'n' giggles

So, I found this cute dress in my inventory, which I love and just HAD to do a blog post with, for sh*ts 'n' giggle, hence the title today, lol. And I am still wearing this amazing hair from The Stringer Mauseleum, cus I absolutely love it. It's like a twisted beehive :) My only question was where would I take the photos/ what theme would they take? And to be honest, I really couldn't decide. However, I discovered this new-to-me sim, which I absolutely loved exploring, and couldn't resist taking some pictures here :)

all pictures taken at Dysphoria *note* there is a $L200 group fee to allow access to this sim*

skin: glam affair ~ katra~ polar (previous FLF),
hair: the stringer mauseleum ~ twisted siren,
eyes: Evermore ~ my dearest eyes (instore group gift),

eyeliner: souzou eien ~ wicked goth eyeliner,
gore: repulse ~ autopsy chest wound and, cheshire smile,

dress: {REVERIE} Giggles mesh dress,
tights: lolapop ~ requiem garter socks,
shoes: reign ~ peep toe pumps (MM gift),

earrings: {MV} Requiem Earrings,
choker: the little bat ~ ZomBunny choker,
bunny ears: mabinogion.

MiLLiE xx